[Podcast] Will Social Security Be There for Me?

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"Will Social Security even be around for me to collect?” This is a common question that we hear from clients and attendees at our live workshops, and many people rush to collect their benefit too early because they're scared that Social Security will go away. But it is important not to rush to conclusions based on hearsay or something you may have read on the internet.

Many people are so scared of Social Security running out of money that they take their benefits as early as they can, which doesn’t allow them to optimize the full benefit available to them. The fact is that Social Security rules and benefits are quite complex, and not every strategy is right for everyone. Rushing into a decision may be costly and hard to reverse, which is why it is important that you take the time to learn what options are out there, or even better - speak with a professional regarding your specific situation.

On this podcast episode, Social Security Professional Jim Blair is here to bring clarity to all your unanswered questions!

Listen now to learn:

  • Will Social Security benefits be around by the time you are ready to collect?
  • How a survivor's benefit could dramatically change if not planned for ahead of time
  • What you can do now to make sure you maximize your Social Security benefits
  • And more!

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