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Holistic Financial Strategies

While most traditional financial advisors can work with you on your investment strategy, help you implement asset allocation, or set up a 529 plan for college, we take a different approach...

We specialize in evaluating your financial plan as a whole, and helping you make sure you are on track to achieving your desired destination.

When we meet with individuals and families for the first time, we often find that people have their assets in places that don't support their stated financial goals. For example, you may state that you wish to minimize your tax burden in your retirement years, yet you believe (as many of us do) that taxes may be higher in the future. If you have ALL of your retirement assets in tax-deferred vehicles, this does not support your goal of lowering your taxes in the future.

Similarly, if your goal when saving money for retirement is to build a reliable source of retirement income that is not subject to market volatility, yet all of your retirement savings are in market-based vehicles, this may not provide you with the outcome you are hoping for when your retirement years arrive.

Our overall goal is to help you align your current financial plan with your dreams, plans, and desires for the future, so that you are more likely to end up where you wish to go!

How We Help:

1. We take a holistic look at your entire financial plan and your personal and financial goals to understand your unique needs, desires, and present position.

2. We then utilize a variety of tools and resources to help you clearly evaluate your present position and understand your options for improving your current and future financial picture.

3. We help you implement customized strategies to better position yourself in relation to where you would like to end up relative to your short- and long-term goals.

4. We work with you throughout your lifetime to counsel you and help you stay on track financially as your life circumstances and goals shift over time.

You can learn more about our philosophy, our methods, and what makes us different here.

To speak with one of our financial professionals regarding your own financial strategy and goals, please contact our office to schedule a FREE initial strategy session.

Our Wealth Management Services | Keystone Financial Group OH

Bank on Yourself

B.O.Y. – or Bank On Yourself® is a financial management strategy which uses a unique and flexible insurance vehicle to accomplish many different financial goals throughout a person's lifetime.

In your youth: Bank On Yourself can be used for college expenses, weddings, purchasing cars, even financing a home.

In middle-age: Bank On Yourself is a great way to finance large purchases, from cars to home improvements, to family vacations. It can also be used to reduce and/or pay off debts, or even pay off your existing mortgage. It can also be an amazing tool for business owners – if you purchase or finance any type of equipment or property for a business, this strategy could benefit you in ways that you would never even have imagined.

In your senior years: Bank On Yourself is a reliable method for building retirement income that can last you the rest of your life, and it may also be used for medical expenses, vacations and travel, and when it comes time, final expenses.

But it doesn't end there: After you pass away, your Bank On Yourself plan can live on after you as a legacy to your family, or go to support a charity of your choice. (And all of this on a tax-free basis – if properly structured. Be sure to consult with one of our licensed Bank On Yourself Professionals to make sure you receive all of the benefits available to you through this strategy.)

Bank On Yourself is a valid insurance strategy to use throughout your lifetime and beyond – and this is one the most powerful benefits of this concept.

For more information on Bank On Yourself, you can visit www.bankonyourself.com, or contact our office to speak with a licensed Bank On Yourself Professional.

Our Wealth Management Services | Keystone Financial Group OH

Social Security Planning

Social Security is a very important piece of the retirement income puzzle, but many people don't realize that there are strategies available that can help maximize your Social Security benefits.

It is also important to consider how Social Security will factor into your overall retirement plan, so that you can make sure you have the proper strategy in place before retirement.

How We Can Help with Social Security Planning:
  • Spousal benefits are one of the most important aspects of Social Security. Utilizing spousal benefits properly is key to maximizing your benefits. However, there are several different types of spousal benefits, and the rules vary depending on whether your spouse is living or deceased, or if you are divorced. We can help you evaluate your options and choose the spousal benefit strategy that is best for your situation.
  • Some people are surprised to learn that Social Security benefits can be taxed. In fact, you can be taxed on up to 85% of your Social Security benefit, and most people will pay at least some tax. How much of your benefits will be taxed depends on your filing status and your income - as well as where that income comes from. By analyzing your retirement income plan, we may be able to help you position some of your assets to help reduce how much of your Social Security benefits will be taxed.
  • Social Security is a very important part of your retirement plan, and it is equally important that you understand how to utilize the available Social Security strategies in tandem with your overall retirement income strategy, in order to maximize your benefits and achieve the level of retirement income that you require. We can provide specialized guidance and customized strategies to help you achieve your goals for a comfortable retirement.

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Our Wealth Management Services | Keystone Financial Group OH

College Planning

When it comes to paying for college, finding an extra $10,000 – $20,000 (or more) per year, per child can be a daunting prospect. For too many parents, it means paying for college with money that should go to finance their retirement.

It's a choice no parent should have to make:

  • Will you rob your retirement account, and risk that someday you'll end up depending on your children to pay for your care?
  • Or will you let your kids go forward on their own, knowing they'll be saddled with student loans they may need decades to pay off?

We are here to help!

We offer a full suite of college planning services – from student coaching and college prep tests, to proper financial planning and budgeting to help you cover the high cost of college for your family.

Our College Planning Specialists can help you:
  • Find the best schools for your child based on his/her interests and your budget
  • Position yourself properly to qualify for the best financial aid package available to you
  • Safely navigate the complex college and financial aid application process
  • Understand the metrics of the college investment in order to maximize your college "ROI"
  • Develop a plan to pay for any out-of-pocket portion of your child's college costs in the most efficient and tax-favored manner possible

Visit our College Planning site to learn more about our college planning services, or register for one of our FREE informational workshops on our Events page.

Medicare and Long-Term Care Planning | Keystone Financial Group OH

Medicare & Long-Term Care Planning

Planning for your future healthcare needs is essential when developing a proper long-term financial plan. Healthcare costs can quickly eat away at your hard-earned retirement savings during your later years - especially if you or your spouse needs long-term care.

This is why we have Medicare and Long-Term Care specialists on hand to help you understand your options and plan properly for these costs in advance.

How We Can Help with Medicare Planning:
  • Not only is health care likely to be your largest expense in retirement, but nearly every American over age 65 must eventually enroll in Medicare. Making the wrong choices could cost you thousands in penalties, leave you facing high medical bills without coverage, or force you into a too-expensive plan. We can help you evaluate and compare the various options, so that you can make the best decision for your situation.

  • Our experienced Medicare specialist can help you figure out when to enroll, and understand which Medicare plan is right for you in terms of features, benefits, and costs.
How We Can Help with Long-Term Care Planning:
  • Long-Term Care - should you need it - may well be the greatest expense you will face in retirement, potentially costing upwards of $300,000. Planning for long-term care costs involves a number of moving pieces, including estate planning considerations, Medicaid, and long-term care insurance. Our financial professionals are certified in long-term care planning, and can help you develop a plan to mitigate these costs and protect your estate in the event of a long-term care situation.

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Investment Strategies

We believe that investment management is an important part of an overall financial plan. Market-based investing can provide higher long-term returns than some of the other foundational wealth-building tools that we use, and especially for those with a long-term growth horizon, it can be very helpful in growing your wealth for the future. We understand that it can be tempting to try to time the market or chase that "hot" stock of the day, but we believe that a long-term, properly diversified investment strategy is a more strategic and effective way for most individuals to reach their goals.

No matter where you fall in the Money Cycle, we can help you develop investment strategies that suit your risk tolerance while supporting your short- and long-term financial goals, as well as future income needs. We work with each client one-on-one to help you develop a portfolio that is specific to your own investment needs, goals, and objectives, because we understand that no two clients are the same. As always, we stress education throughout our process, encouraging our clients to ask questions, understand your risk tolerance and investment strategies, and take an active role in planning your financial future.

How We Help:

We always want you to feel comfortable with your chosen investment strategy, which is why we will work closely with you to help you analyze and understand your risk tolerance and goals. When planning for retirement, it is important to consider how much you will need, as well as accounting for taxes, Sequence of Returns risk, and additional expenditures such as travel and leisure goals. To that end, we will work with you to help answer these important questions:

  • Do my current investments match my overall risk tolerance?
  • What are my potential retirement income sources?
  • How long will my retirement last?
  • What are my best options for investing for retirement?
  • Is my portfolio protected against extreme market volatility?

With answers to these questions in hand, we can help you set an overall target for your long-term plan, and work backwards from that goal to determine how to best help you achieve it. We will then work with you over the years to help you stay on track to achieving your goal of a comfortable retirement, while making any necessary adjustments as the retirement years draw closer.

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Business Financial Planning | Keystone Financial Group OH

Business Planning Solutions

We offer a number of strategic planning options for businesses and small business owners. Our experienced financial professionals can personally assist you with your business needs, including but not limited to:

  • Buy-Sell Agreement Planning and Funding Options
  • Key Employee Executive Bonus Plans
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP's)
  • Key Man Plans and Insurance
  • Asset Accumulation for Business Owners
  • Shareholder Buy-Out Funding Options
Business Advisory Services

Advisory Services for Small to Middle Market Size Businesses
Investment Options for Company/Shareholder(s)
- In Lieu of or Addition to a Defined Benefit/401K Plan
- Decrease Dependency on Bank and Other Third Party External Capital Sources
- Minimize Market Risk and Volatility of Equities and Mutual Funds

Business Consulting Services
  • Alternate Working Capital & Permanent Capital Funding Options/Plans
  • Consulting Services for Small to Middle Market Size Businesses & Medical Professionals
  • Creation and Modification of Strategic Business Plans
  • Identifying Capital (Permanent & Short Term) Needs of Business
  • Identifying Various Capital Sources Available in the Market and Assisting in Providing Introductions to Potential Capital Partners, Negotiating Structure and Pricing of Proposals, Review of Terms of Proposed Credit, and Closing the Deal
  • General Business Advisory & Consulting Services

Contact us today to schedule a time to speak with a business planning specialist.