Edward J. Beemiller

Certified Financial Fiduciary ® (CFF), Partner at Keystone Financial Group, Business & Legacy Planning Specialist

Ed Beemiller, Certified Financial Fiduciary ® (CFF), has been in the financial services industry in Central Ohio for over 21 years. He holds a BA from Kenyon College and an MBA from The Ohio State University School of Business, and he is also a licensed Bank On Yourself Professional. Ed was formerly the CFO of a $45MM privately held corporation and had spent 17+ years working in the Commercial Banking Industry as a SVP of a Regional Bank in Central Ohio. Ed has extensive experience in advising/consulting with business owners and executives in planning and developing financial strategies, general business consulting, appropriate capital structuring, and securing financing alternatives to ensure the continued successful operations of their companies. 

Besides consulting with business owners to help them leverage assets and build wealth, Ed also works with individuals and families who are looking to build a road map to a more secure financial future and balance risk in their investments. Ed designs customized asset accumulation and income distribution plans that help his clients to reduce market risk within their retirement plans, and create tax-advantaged and/or guaranteed streams of income for retirement.

Ed is passionate about helping his clients achieve their long-term financial goals by offering multiple risk diversification strategies, building multiple asset buckets to produce consistent income streams that will last throughout their lifetime, and helping them build inter-generational wealth.

He is active in his community and enjoys basketball, bicycling, and working.  Ed lives in Pickerington with his wife and their three dogs. He also has a son in college, and a daughter in medical school.

Brian Minier

Certified Financial Fiduciary ® (CFF), Partner at Keystone Financial Group, Social Security Planning Specialist

Brian is a Certified Financial Fiduciary® with over 10 years of experience in the insurance and financial service industry. He has an MBA from Malone University and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Akron, and has also earned a National Social Security Advisor (NSSA®) Certificate. Brian is a licensed Bank on Yourself Professional and assists his clients with many areas of retirement planning and investments.

He specializes in helping seniors plan for retirement and develop smart Social Security strategies, and also provides financial advice and guidance to help individuals weather both good and bad financial markets.

Brian’s particular expertise lies in customized Social Security planning, designing personalized retirement plans to help his clients achieve their individual retirement goals, and income and distribution planning – an area which Brian feels is too often neglected by most traditional advisors.

Brian lives in New Albany with his wife and two children, and is active in his church and community. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, participating in missions work, and playing basketball.

Ryan Fleming

Certified Financial Fiduciary ® (CFF), Partner at Keystone Financial Group, College Planning Specialist

Ryan has been a college planning specialist in the Columbus area for over 11 years. As a Certified Financial Fiduciary ®, CFF Ryan takes pride in helping others plan for their financial futures by avoiding wealth transfers and conflicts of interest. He holds a B.A. from the University of Dayton, and has a background in education and 10 years of experience in professional baseball with 3 different MLB organizations.

Ryan specializes in helping parents of college college-bound students plan for one of the largest wealth transfers of their lives. He enjoys working with coachable individuals who are interested in learning better and more effective ways to plan for their financial future than what they may have previously learned from the mainstream financial industry.

Ryan conducts free educational college planning workshops throughout the Columbus area and beyond. He also consults individually with parents and students to help them improve their financial aid picture and pay for college on a tax-favored basis.

In addition to his college planning practice, Ryan is also a licensed Bank On Yourself Professional, and works with families who want to improve their long-term retirement picture and ensure proper distribution of their estate.

What sets Ryan apart is his client-centric and easy-to-understand approach. Ryan’s main goal for each of his clients is to help provide them with confidence and certainty in their financial future by helping them answer the 4 most important financial questions that we all must answer in order to properly plan for retirement.

Ryan lives in Pickerington with his wife and their three children. He enjoys spending quality time with his family, travel and coaching his kid’s sports. He participates in his local church and also helps lead a high school bible study ministry.

Tyna Agee

Director of Client Services & Operations

Tyna is a proud graduate of the Ohio State University, and has been in the financial services industry since 1997. She has worked for such companies as Bank One, JP Morgan Asset Management and Ameriprise Financial.

Her extensive professional experience includes customer service, financial planning, risk analysis, and portfolio construction as well as sales and management. Tyna’s main goal at Keystone Financial Group is to make sure that all of our clients have an excellent customer experience! She is dedicated to providing great customer service and enjoys getting to know our clients personally as well as professionally.

In her spare time, Tyna enjoys traveling, playing tennis, cycling, hiking and reading. She resides in Worthington with her husband and their two adorable “fur babies,” Squeakers and Prissy Paws.

Rose Sarko

Sales & Marketing Manager

Rose has a B.A. from the University of Arkansas, and a Master’s degree in Library & Information Science from Louisiana State University. Rose has professional experience in several areas, including copy-writing, web design and internet marketing, information management systems, and sales.

Rose has worked in the financial industry for over 14 years, and she enjoys managing our advisors’ schedules, working on new marketing initiatives, and planning fun events for our clients! She also assists with workshop setup and marketing, as well as many of the technical processes and procedures “behind the scenes” for our business.

Rose is also an online business owner, and in her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, learning about marketing, and spending time with her husband and their Chocolate Lab on their small homestead outside of Westerville.

Greg Davis

College & Career Consultant

Greg  has 10 years of experience as a higher education professional working with graduate program admissions, academic advising, and various student life roles. Prior to his career in higher education, Greg worked with adolescent residential crisis care and served as a youth ministry volunteer after completing his undergraduate degrees at Ohio Christian University in Psychology and Business, as well as his Masters degree in Student Development Counseling at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Greg joined our team in 2015 with the goal to help high school students prepare for their future careers by examining their passions and interests, and exploring collegiate fit for their personal and professional aspirations. Greg works one-on-one with our college planning families and students to help prepare them for a successful college experience and future career.

Greg resides in Circleville with his wife and son, where he enjoys music, reading, golf, and is a die-hard Buckeye fan!

The CFF® certification is a professional designation provided by the National Association of Certified Financial Fiduciaries (NACFF), Charlotte, NC. To receive this designation, the individual must complete a certification and training process created by NACFF and The American Financial Education Alliance. The individual must complete a 1-day training course and pass the Program Assessment. The program educates professional advisors about the laws, rules and regulations that determine when the individual is acting as a fiduciary. 10 Annual Continuing Education Hours must be completed to renew the certification. The continuing education keeps the individual up to date on the fiduciary rules.

The National Social Security Advisor (NSSA®) Certificate denotes advanced education, knowledge and training in the Social Security program. To earn certification, advisors must take a training course, pass an assessment exam, and maintain continuing education requirements.