Greg Davis

Career & Education Consultant

Greg has 13+ years of experience as a higher education professional working with graduate program management, undergraduate academic advising, and residence hall supervision. Prior to his career in higher education, Greg worked with adolescent residential crisis care after completing his undergraduate degrees at Ohio Christian University in Psychology and Business, as well as his Masters degree in Student Development Counseling at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Greg joined our team in 2015 with the goal to help high school students prepare for their future careers by exploring collegiate fit for their personal and professional aspirations and guiding them through the general preparation for their university applications. Greg is Strong Interest Inventory® certified and works one-on-one with our college planning families and students to help prepare them for a successful college experience and future career.

Greg resides in Commercial Point with his wife and son and enjoys golf, video games, and watching the Bengals and Buckeyes!