4 Smart Reasons to Start Saving Early

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For many Americans, the art of saving is something that they have yet to master. This is especially true for those who have just entered the workforce or have gotten their first good-paying job. The mantra of these young professional men and women is often to want to spend instead of saving, but considering how little most people have saved for their future, it's time to change that mindset. Here are 4 of our favorite benefits of saving early in life, and how it can set you up for success:

1.) Establish good financial habits

As a new employee, you will probably be limited in your spending and saving habits. You will have a salary, but it will be small, and you will have student loans, rent and other bills or debts to tackle. This is why establishing a 15% saving baseline is a great way to get into the right mindset for your future self. No matter how far you grow in your current position, that 15% baseline will allow you to already mentally put that money away for the future, and your future self will thank you!

2.) Create a nest egg for a home

For many, one of the primary goals of their professional life is to purchase their first home. A starter home or a condo does not come cheap these days and saving towards this goal is a great thing to start early in your money-making career. If you are planning to own a home, eventually or want an income property while you focus on your career, starting to save young is a great way to ensure that it can happen in just a few years. 

3.) Grow your emergency fund

Whether it is a downturn in the economy that leads to layoffs or a parent or loved one gets sick, having an emergency fund is one of the best ways to save and protect yourself in the future. Most financial experts suggest saving at least three months of your salary, but naturally you can adjust as you see fit. (We typically recommend at least 6 months to be safe.) An emergency fund is to be used as you need it, but make sure that you replenish the fund as soon as you can whenever you have to tap into it or else it will be useless the next time you need some extra cash quick.

4.) Learn how to budget

Finally, but most importantly, one of the best benefits of saving early is it forces you to budget. Budgets are a little intimidating, but at the end of the day, the #1 key to financial success is making and keeping to a budget. There are plenty of tools on how to create and draft your budget but chat with a financial planner if you want help fine-tuning it to your needs.

One thing is for sure, you'll never regret starting to save early! Whether it is growing yourself a nest egg for a down payment or wanting to establish financial stability early on in your career, saving early and sitting down with a financial expert to start your savings journey off on the right foot is a great way to set you and your finances up for success down the line. 

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