[Video] 2 Simple Methods to Pay Off Your Debt

Keystone Financial Group |

Carrying a lot of debt can negatively impact your credit, as well as your overall financial picture. It can also limit your ability to take advantage of financial opportunities that may arise.

Paying off debt can be intimidating - especially if you have a lot of it - but there are strategies that can make it easier. For example, the video below shares 2 simple methods to pay off your debt more efficiently. Choosing either of these methods and sticking to it will help to take the emotion out of the issue and keep you on track.

Of course, it is also important to examine the cause of your debt in the first place. Did you have an unexpected large expense that you hadn't planned for and had to cover with credit cards or a personal loan? If this is the case, once your debt is paid off, it would be wise to funnel all of those debt payments into creating an emergency savings fund. This way you can avoid getting back in debt again the next time an emergency arises.

If you are continually adding to your debt, this means you are likely living beyond your means. Take some time to create a detailed budget and cash flow analysis and see where all that money is going. Once you have done this, you can analyze your spending and find areas where you may be able to cut back a bit.

Need help? Consult with a debt specialist or financial professional who can help you assess your financial picture and develop a plan for a more secure (and debt-free) financial future!


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